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Lakebay, WA 2023

Moving? Yeah, me too. Well, I can wish you good luck. Or, I can help you find it. From a bit of a unique perspective, perhaps. I've recently had the pleasure of working with Sandy Jones. Not only is she a total pro, she's someone who clearly cares about the place she lives and seems to be a big part of her community. And that's a big deal. Because a person like that can go a long way toward helping you decide if that is the community you also want to become a part of. And what bigger consideration is there when it comes to buying a home? We act like it's all backsplashes and soaking tubs and bonus spaces. But where you decide to live affects every other aspect of your life. Sandy is welcoming and sincere. She knows her stuff. We were lucky to find her. And it's made a big difference for us. But, here's the catch: The Jones Team (Sandy + Gary) was actually the coach for the other side. (Lucky them.) But what more proof do you need? If she's this helpful and friendly toward the "opposition" just imagine how it would be to have her on your side. We were also able to see firsthand how respectfully she protects her clients' best interest. Like I said, a total pro.

There are a lot of people working in the real estate business up here and that's a good sign of a great place to live. But it's also great for those of us moving to or around the area since it gives Realtors like Sandy the opportunity to stand out. It's so important to work with someone you trust. Plus someone who's competent. Plus, you know, just nice. Kindness definitely counts here. Buying, selling, moving—it's all a giant leap into the unknown. Especially when you're relocating on top of everything else. And it gets tricky because, what's more personal than your home? The place you live your life, or the place you will soon be changing your life to move to. Yeah, it's a big deal. No wonder we get so stressed about it. Realtors are a very necessary part of a fraught but also necessary process. And a good one can help lower that stress level a good many notches. There are so many things to keep someone who's in that process up worrying at night. Finding a good rep who's got your back and will keep working with you toward a happy result shouldn't also be one of them. Well, I do wish you very good luck as well, of course—whatever you decide. Hey, maybe we'll even be neighbors. Ya just never know.

Claire Furlong

Sandy's follow up and attention to detail are exemplary. She is very caring and would
do anything to help her clients and friends as well out. I would highly recommend her
in any business transaction. She is highly knowledgeable and puts forth her best
effort in every situation.

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Tom Pitcher

Sandy Jones represented my wife and I in the purchase of our Gig Harbor home. She did an outstanding job through all phases of the process. Sandy educated us about the area, as we were newcomers, and helped us become familiar with home values there. She ascertained our interests and goals, researched available homes in that category and worked tirelessly to show them all. The purchase process went smoothly with her help as she helped us work with contractors, escrow agents and so forth. Sandy approached the job in a very professional manner and gained the respect of all parties involved. She knew her job and all the rest of us knew she did. I would highly recommend Sandy as sales agent for either the buyer or seller of a home in Gig Harbor.

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Tim and Cathy Abshire

We are so happy that we selected Sandy as our representative in the sale of our
home. She supplied us with an excellent photographer and a home stager. Sandy
did a great job explaining the transaction documents to us. Whenever we had a
question Sandy was always readily available. We are very grateful to have had her
and her expertise to see us through the sale. We would highly recommend Sandy
without any hesitation to our friends and family.

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Sherburn Merrill

Sandy is always very professional and always a pleasure to work with. Her
knowledge of the real estate market and how the process works makes working with
her a relaxing experience. I would recommend Sandy and would not hesitate to have
her expertise in our next real estate experience.

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Andriene Sterlington

Sandy is a superstar! Sandy goes above and beyond in her efforts to keep her
clients safe and informed. Sandy is professional and energetic - making the home
buying process fun from beginning to end!

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Derick Cherrico

My experience with Sandy was very positive. She handled my house sale well and
aided me with all processes whenever needed. she also knows the community well
which helped with understanding the market. I will be sure to use her in the future if
the need arises.

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John and Shelley Hodge

Sandy Jones is our go to Real Estate professional in Gig Harbor. When my wife and I saw a house that had just been listed we called Sandy to get the particulars on the unique property. She negotiated the purchase and we had a purchase/sale agreement signed in 10 days. We then had a big problem - we had to quickly sell our house. Sandy listed our house for sale, staged and showed it, and had it sold in 2 weeks. We love our new house and could not have done it without Sandy. I recommend Sandy for your Real Estate needs and questions in Gig Harbor - she is the best!

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Cam Watson

Sandy went absolutely above and beyond to help me and my family move from
overseas. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciated all she did to get us
into the right home and connect us with finance and other service providers. Sandy
was an absolute blessing for us, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

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Mike and Patty Hondorp

Sandy was a great help to us in selling our large home in a somewhat slow market.
She knew the market and she got us a good price and prompt closing. We were out
of state during some of the transaction and she assisted us in getting the paperwork
done easily from afar. Sandy is knowledgeable and personable and we highly
recommend using her services no matter which side of the real estate deal you may
be on.

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Bob and Diane Conconi

A few summers ago, Diane and I were fortunate to have met Sandy on a visit to Gig Harbor on Aurora. We consumed a generous amount of Sandy's time and knowledge determining whether the perfect waterfront property with a suitable dock was or would be available in the near future. Even though our efforts did not lead to a sale, Sandy was always responsive and eager to assist us in our property search in any way possible. What was really appreciated was her prompt and detailed responses to any enquiries. Diane and I would not hesitate to recommend Sandy's services to any individual that desired sincere, honest and prompt service.

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